ICON Alerts
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The ICON Alerts page contains hot topics or major changes to Department of Agriculture import requirements. The list is in date order of publication with the most recent issue at the top. The information is frequently updated. The content of an ICON Alert may be continually updated with the Date changing and the Topic remaining the same.

Date Topic Title
Feb 27 2015 PQA1026 Dept. of Agriculture Import Clearance Industry Notices 2015 published on the Public Quarantine Alert
Feb 27 2015 PQA0599 Notice to Industry 08/2015 Department of Agriculture website update and new phone number
Feb 27 2015 PQA0592 Notice to Industry 07/2015 AEPCOMM - Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Feb 24 2015 PQA1032 Update to import conditions for timber packaging and dunnage
Feb 24 2015 PQA0594 Notice to Industry 06/2015 Update to Notices to Industry 125-2014, 2-2015, 3-2015 and 4-2015
Feb 24 2015 PQA0583 Notice to Industry 05/2015 Producer must be declared for berries imported from China
Feb 18 2015 PQA0995 Reminder to industry: Eastern Creek cut-off dates for plant imports
Feb 17 2015 PQA0595 Notice to Industry 04/2015 Update to Notices to Industry 125-2014, 2-2015 and 3-2015
Feb 6 2015 PQA1003 Outbreak - Lumpy Skin Disease - Republic of Cyprus
Feb 2 2015 PQA1029 Fresh lemons, mandarins and Clementine from Egypt
Jan 29 2015 PQA1028 HPAI Outbreak in USA
Jan 29 2015 PQA1027 HPAI Outbreak in the USA
Jan 21 2015 PQA1025 Update on new seed testing requirements (PCR) for Cucurbit seed imports
Jan 20 2015 PQA1024 Changes to the Quarantine Proclamation 1998 Schedule 5 - 'Permitted seeds list'
Jan 13 2015 PQA1023 Changes to import conditions for 'Squid, Octopus and Cuttlefish (cephalopods)' from New Zealand
Jan 13 2015 PQA1022 Changes to import conditions for 'Finfish - All species (excluding family Salmonidae)'
Jan 9 2015 PQA1021 Changes to import conditions for ‘Pet food for dogs and cats - Retorted, no ruminant ingredients'
Jan 9 2015 PQA1020 New ICON cases for 'Composite animal feed products containing low risk biological ingredients'
Jan 9 2015 PQA1019 New ICON cases for animal feed products containing Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jan 9 2015 PQA1018 Changes to import conditions for 'Purified amino acids' and 'Purified vitamins' for animal feed use
Jan 6 2015 PQA1017 Changes to the ICON case for Animal specimens - Preserved and fixed
Jan 6 2015 PQA1015 Changes to the ICON case for microorganisms- as listed in PCt1104
Jan 6 2015 PQA1014 Changes to the ICON case for human therapeutics and medicines
Jan 6 2015 PQA1013 Changes to the ICON case for soil and articles containing soil
Jan 6 2015 PQA1012 Changes to the ICON case for bioremedial products
Jan 6 2015 PQA1011 Changes to the ICON case for soap
Jan 6 2015 PQA1010 Changes to the ICON case for Blood collection tubes
Jan 6 2015 PQA1009 Changes to the ICON case for Veterinary Therapeutics and Medicines
Jan 2 2015 PQA1008 Notification to staff and importers on changes to Daucus carota (Carrot seeds)
Dec 22 2014 PQA1004 Fresh salacca (snake fruit) from Indonesia
Dec 22 2014 PQA1006 HPAI Outbreak in Italy
Dec 19 2014 PQA1005 Advance notification to importers advising on changes to cucurbit seed testing (planned for 2015).
Dec 5 2014 PQA1001 HPAI Outbreak in Canada
Dec 4 2014 PQA1000 HPAI out break in Canada
Nov 18 2014 PQA0997 HPAI outbreaks in the Netherlands and UK
Nov 18 2014 PQA0996 HPAI outbreaks in the Netherlands and UK
Nov 11 2014 PQA0994 Notice for revised import conditions for Carica papaya seed as a result of Papaya sticky disease
Nov 10 2014 PQA0992 HPAI Outbreak in Germany
Nov 5 2014 PQA0991 Commencement of Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) beetle season
Oct 29 2014 PQA0989 Emergency quarantine measures for Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (seed and nursery stock)
Oct 29 2014 PQA0990 New supplier for Phalaenopsis orchids from Taiwan. October 2014
Oct 20 2014 PQA0984 Notice of laboratories in the Netherlands that are approved for Overseas Seed Analysis Certification
Oct 20 2014 PQA0987 Commencement of emergency quarantine measures for Carrot seed/tissue) and Celery (tissue culture)
Oct 17 2014 PQA0986 Notification to staff and importers on Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV)
Oct 13 2014 PQA0946 Dept. of Agriculture Import Clearance Industry Notices 2014 published on the Depatment website
Oct 10 2014 PQA0982 New 'ePermitable' ICON cases for food for pet fish
Oct 10 2014 PQA0985 Russia added to HPAI list
Oct 2 2014 PQA0600 Notice to Industry 91/2014 BICON Update
Sep 30 2014 PQA0983 Fresh pears from Korea
Sep 23 2014 PQA0683 Notice to Industry 86/2014 Update - Standards for Sea Freight Container Inspection Stands
Sep 23 2014 PQA0981 USA Citrus 2014/15 Offshore Pre-shipment Inspection (OPI) Program
Sep 12 2014 PQA0979 Fresh table grapes from Korea
Sep 5 2014 PQA0601 Notice to Industry 84/2014 Department of Agriculture - System Outage Impact to International Vessels
Sep 1 2014 PQA0977 New illegal logging laws to apply to timber importers from 30 November 2014
Aug 25 2014 PQA0974 Planned emergency measures for Carrot (seed/tissue culture) and Celery (tissue culture) imports
Aug 25 2014 PQA0966 New import conditions for blueberry nursery stock
Aug 22 2014 PQA0973 New 'ePermitable' ICON cases for Biological Commodities - Cuttlefish Bone and Baits/Attractants
Aug 22 2014 PQA0970 Fresh Korean pears - Seonghwan removed as a permitted export area
Aug 22 2014 PQA0972 Raw cashew and dried grape imports identified for reduced intervention
Aug 21 2014 PQA0971 New illegal logging laws to apply to timber importers
Aug 21 2014 PQA0971 New illegal logging laws to apply to timber importers
Aug 21 2014 PQA0969 Changes to High health Phalaenopsis suppliers and growers
Aug 19 2014 PQA0926 Proposed improvements to the clearance of laboratory material
Aug 15 2014 PQA0968 New CITES requirements for the export and import of five shark species
Aug 14 2014 PQA0967 Fresh ginger from Fiji for human consumption
Jul 31 2014 PQA0508 Notice to Industry 74/2014 - Broker Accreditation Scheme (BAS) - NCCC and AEPCOMM renewal - Update
Jul 24 2014 PQA0965 Import conditions updated for Cotton leaf curl disease host (Hibiscus spp. nursery stock)
Jul 15 2014 PQA0961 Updated import conditions for Phytophthora complex and Xylella fastidiosa host nursery stock
Jul 7 2014 PQA0964 Changes to conditions to address mosquito risk of Dracaena spp cut flowers (propagatable)
Jul 1 2014 PQA0962 Eastern Creek PEQ Cut-off dates to import plant propagative material.
Jun 10 2014 PQA0960 Competent authority name change for Mauritius
May 27 2014 PQA0959 Improved import conditions for Apple and Pear budwood through Post Entry Quarantine facilities
May 1 2014 PQA0958 Conclusion of Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) flight season
Apr 16 2014 PQA0955 Changes to the Quarantine Proclamation 1998 Schedule 5 - 'Permitted seeds list'
Apr 16 2014 PQA0957 Changes to the import of lactose, ghee and chocolate
Apr 10 2014 PQA0954 Changes to import requirements for fresh onions from the USA
Apr 4 2014 PQA0952 Amendment to import conditions for Manufactured Articles containing Oyster Shell
Mar 17 2014 PQA0950 Improved import conditions for Olea spp. nursery stock.
Mar 14 2014 PQA0951 Competent authority name change for Peru
Mar 12 2014 PQA0948 Revised import conditions for High Health Phalaenopsis
Mar 7 2014 PQA0947 Improved import conditions for Prunus spp. nursery stock through Post Entry Quarantine facilities
Feb 7 2014 PQA0945 Country list update for Didymosphenia geminate
Jan 9 2014 PQA0932 Changes to Lycopersicon (Tomato) spp and Capsicum spp seed for sowing conditions
Jan 7 2014 PQA0918 Lilium cut flowers permitted from Taiwan
Jan 2 2014 PQA0943 Notice to Industry of Newcastle Disease outbreak in Israel
Dec 20 2013 PQA0927 Changes to ICON cases for bulbs
Dec 10 2013 PQA0940 Christmas and New Year Opening Hours for Plant Import Operations
Dec 3 2013 PQA0936 Changes to cold treatment requirements for Egyptian citrus fruit imports
Oct 31 2013 PQA0922 Phalaenopsis orchids- new sources
Oct 30 2013 PQA0931 Import Permit Condition Changes for Vet Therapeutics with Purified Fermentation Derivatives
Oct 25 2013 PQA0930 Revised assessment for the import of lactose for human consumption
Oct 18 2013 PQA0928 Changes to PEQ virus testing for temperate pulse seeds
Sep 25 2013 PQA0923 USA citrus Offshore Pre-shipment Inspection Program 2013 - 14
Sep 16 2013 PQA0921 Fresh lychees & longans from China and Thailand - Revised cold disinfestation treatment requirements
Aug 30 2013 PQA0914 New import conditions for potato (Solanum tuberosum) propagative material
Aug 23 2013 PQA0919 Notice to Australia's Herbarium community
Aug 21 2013 PQA0917 Island Cabbage Leaves from the Pacific
Aug 20 2013 PQA0898 Lychees fresh from Taiwan
Aug 12 2013 PQA0916 Amended document requirements for asparagus shipped through USA
Aug 9 2013 PQA0915 Public Quarantine Alert 0915 - Fresh mangoes from Pakistan
Aug 2 2013 PQA0909 Importation of grapevine (Vitis species) propagative material into Australia - policy amendment
Jul 23 2013 PQA0899 E-permits available for cooked and uncooked pig meat from DAFF approved countries
Jul 18 2013 PQA0913 Entry of fresh California tablegrapes into Western Australia effective 23 July 2013
Jul 18 2013 PQA0911 Fresh peaches and nectarines from the United States permitted entry into Australia
Jul 8 2013 PQA0908 Changes to DAFF's system for processing imported plant products
Jul 5 2013 PQA0856 Notice advising public that DAFF (Animal) are to review the current list of specified finfish
Jul 1 2013 PQA0907 Competent Authority name change for the Republic of Korea
Jul 1 2013 PQA0906 Newcastle Disease outbreak in Cyprus
Jun 26 2013 PQA0886 Un-rooted cuttings/budwood of hosts of Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death).
Jun 26 2013 PQA0903 Information Required to Accompany Import Permit Applications for Veterinary Products
Jun 24 2013 PQA0901 Compliance of baitfish imports from August 1 2013
May 28 2013 PQA0890 New ICON case for retorted pet food containing no ruminant ingredients
May 7 2013 PQA0855 eCert for iMports Phase 1: Phytosanitary Certification from New Zealand Implementation
Mar 12 2013 PQA0871 Revised Import conditions for fresh mango fruit from the Philippines
Oct 9 2012 PQA0847 USA Citrus 2012/13 Offshore Pre-shipment Inspection Import Coordinator
Jun 26 2012 PQA0826 New import conditions for dried khat