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Commodity: Human and animal remains - Cremated (ashes)
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Country: All countries
End use: Burial/Cremation
Date printed: Oct 5 2015
The information here covers Department of Agriculture quarantine requirements only and is current on the date of transmission but may change without notice. Department of Agriculture makes no warranties or representations with respect to the accuracy or completeness of that information and will bear no liability with respect to that information. Importers must satisfy quarantine concerns and comply with quarantine conditions applicable at the time of entry. The Commonwealth through Department of Agriculture is not liable for any costs arising from or associated with decisions of importers to import based on conditions presented here which are not current at the time of importation. It is the importerís responsibility to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information at the time of importation.

It is the importerís responsibility to identify and to ensure it has complied with, all requirements of any other regulatory and advisory bodies prior to and after importation including the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Department of Health and Ageing, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and any State agencies such as Departments of Agriculture and Health and Environmental Protection authorities.

Importers should note that this list is not exhaustive. Importers should also note that all foods imported into Australia must comply with the provisions of the Imported Food Control Act 1992 , an Act which is administered by Department of Agriculture.

Notification of the import must be provided to Department of Agriculture for all imported goods other than goods imported as accompanied baggage or goods imported via the mail and not prescribed under the Customs Act 1901. Notification must be consistent with Quarantine Regulations 2000 (examples include a Quarantine Entry or a Quarantine declaration).

Condition  C9853

a Department of Agriculture Import Permit is not required.

The container used to hold the ashes must be free from contaminants such as soil.

Entry Management  EM0184

Department of Agriculture minimum documentary requirements to support assessment of all documentation 

All documentation presented to the Department of Agriculture as part of the import process must meet the requirements of the Minimum Documentary Requirements Policy. These requirements include:

  1. Overarching Requirements (e.g. legible, in English, signed, dated, linked to the consignment);
  2. Document Format Requirements (e.g. as per nationally accepted practice and standards, or on company letterhead); and
  3. Prescribed Information Requirements (e.g. treatment certificates must include a description of the goods/packaging treated)


Entry Management  EM0185

Information requirements to support assessment of non-commodity concerns associated with imported cargo

All documentation presented to the Department of Agriculture to assist in determining the level of quarantine risk posed by transportation pathways and packaging must meet the requirements of the Non-Commodity Information Requirements Policy. These requirements address:

  1. Container cleanliness;
  2. Packaging concerns (e.g. presence of timber or prohibited packaging material); and
  3. Destination concerns (e.g. destined for a rural unpack location).


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